Epic MMO Recap: Where to Have a Firecracking Good Time

A few MMOs brought out the big bangs for Independence Day, from dye-filled blowouts in Aion to the annual pyrotechnics show in World of Warcraft.

But while others went all out, some took a breather in this all-American holiday. Read on to see which games you should be checking out for their patriotic shindigs. 


As one of the few MMOs that take appearance costumes seriously, Aion encouraged all Ascended to dress up in the national flag colors with everyone getting free red, white and blue dyes. (Yes, keep those Aion Kinah) These came with new surveys which won’t take much time to fill up and can be used to turn armor into parade-appropriate outfits.

NCSoft also gets plus points for the lore effort. “Independence Daeva marks the traditional anniversary of when the original Humans declared themselves free from oppressive Balaur rule,” said their holiday event announcement. “If you believe that you have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of Abyss Points, please join us by dressing in bright colors and setting off firecrackers in the memory of this historic occasion.”

DC Universe Online

If you expected the developers to cross some Marvel lines and offer a stripes-and-banners costume like Captain America’s, well tough luck. DC Universe Online seems to have snubbed the holiday, but they have a pretty good reason for doing so – they’re mighty busy preparing for the SOE Fan Faire which starts in a few days.

From July 7 to 9, the SOE Fan Faire will see the convergence of fans across a dozen or so MMOs. It might not be as flashy as BlizzCon, but it’s the kind of quirky convention that satisfies every type of geek and gaming inclination. While it’s too late to register – walk-ins are welcomed. Details here!

EverQuest II

Over at Norrath, EverQuest II players will have to amuse themselves with the new gliding and leaping mounts as most of the support staff were given the day off.

“Technical, Account, and Billing Support will be limited to email from 6:00 a.m. PDT through 7:00 p.m. PDT. Additionally, Live Chat support will be available from 12:00 p.m. PDT through 4:00 p.m. PDT,” said the announcement. Normal operations resume tomorrow, July 5.

Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV

It was business as usual for the two MMOs of Japanese developer Square Enix. To be fair, most FFXI and FFXIV players never really expected an Uncle Sam holiday to become adapted for the games, especially when Americans comprise a small portion of the subscriber base.

And we know they aren’t above hosting holiday events, as we’ve seen in their Valentine’s- and Spring-themed celebrations. Cookouts and star-spangled parades just aren’t international enough, I suppose.


This one took us by surprise. Trion Worlds usually takes any opportunity to give out items or hold events in RIFT, but for Independence Day the company seems to have considered that they just have too much going on right now.

On top of their new Patch 1.3 world events, they have the new summer subscription promos and weekly community events. When you add a national holiday event to that, well even we think it would be over the top. We wouldn’t know what to do anymore! Next year though, some token item or costume or even a shower of RIFT Platinum would be a nice enough nod to the holiday, given that a good portion of Telarans are Americans.

World of Warcraft

Last, but arguably the grandest, World of Warcraft’s takes the cake for raucous revelry. The Midsummer Festival ends today, and the culmination is a bacchanalian feast of /dancing and /kissing and /toasting all the way to Booty Bay.

The fireworks display commences at 6:00pm PDT, and will repeat each hour until the event closes for good. All faction capitals are participating, so take a short break from all that Firelands raiding and spare a WoW Gold to get smashed with your faction at the local pub.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!