A summer of savings and title hunting in RIFT

Get a double whammy of discounts and in-game titles in RIFT.

Available until end of July are cheaper subscription plans that net you up to 40% savings per month, while weekly contests will have you running around Telara to win special suffix titles like “the Stalker” and “the Detective.”

Summer of Savings Plans

Designed to get you playing Patch 1.3, the new Summer of Savings plans become cheaper the longer you lock in to RIFT. And like the Founder’s plans, the discounted rates are automatically renewable as long as you keep re-subscribing to the game.

The annual plan, for example, almost halves your monthly subscription at $8.99, for a grand total yearly savings of $72. Not bad, especially if you plan to stick around Telara for the foreseeable future anyway.

Scavenger Hunts and other Weekly Events

This month also saw the launch of three weekly events in RIFT that give out exclusive titles to winners. These are:

Where in the World is Elrar?

  • The Challenge: Community manager Elrar aka James Nichols will pose in a random spot in Telara, take a screenshot and post the picture on the forums. Players will have to search for that secret location and take a screenshot of themselves and be the first 15 to submit on the forums win.
  • Title Prize: “the Stalker”

Telaran Scavenger Hunt

  • The Challenge: Trion Worlds will post the name and image of an in-game item on the forums. Players will have to find the item, and take a screenshot of it in their character inventory. First 15 to submit on the forums win.
  • Title Prize: “the Detective”

Trivia of Telara

  • The Challenge: Trivia questions about RIFT will be posted on the forums, and official Facebook and Twitter channels. First person to answer correctly wins.
  • Title Prize: “the Know-it-All”

It takes quick hands, a sharp eye and a lot of time for forum camping to get these titles. But don’t despair. There are two other ways you can get a community title.

You can write guides like how to earn RIFT Platinum or become a better player to become designated as a “the Town Crier”, or help others in the community and be that all-approachable “the Friendly.”

So get involved to get those shiny new titles!