Be in the Next RIFT Video!

Attention RIFT fans! Trion Worlds is searching for eager, preferably perky fans to include in their next marketing video, and all you have to do is make a three-minute video telling the whole world why RIFT rocks.

Loving the new Patch 1.3, or the gargantuan size of Akylios, or the near-unbeatable HPS of your Cleric? What you rave about will be just as important as how you say it. Keep it fresh and original – the whole “RIFT rules coz WoW sucks!” is kinda getting old – to have a shot at instant game fame.

Once you’ve recorded the fan vid, upload it to YouTube with a “RIFTfan” tag, and post a link on the game’s official Facebook page.

“If we like your video, your response could end up in our upcoming video (don’t worry – we’ll ask first, so keep the original recording!)” said the Facebook announcement.

We have no clue whether this is just a gimmicky community project or an actual nationwide ad campaign in the works, but the thought of becoming an Ascended ambassador — and getting residual RIFT Platinum or gear as rewards — has got us pretty excited.

Full Fan Vid Guidelines

  • Tag it on YouTube with “RIFTfan” then post a link on Facebook
  • No more than 3 minutes
  • Keep it Teen rated
  • Try not to include logos in the video. They’re a lot of work to fuzz out
  • It must be about RIFT
  • Record at the highest resolution you can
  • Keep your original recording – we may want to use it!

Good luck and may the best gusher win!