WoW Patch 4.2: Five Highlights Outside the Obvious

End of the world. Lots of magma. New Legendary. It’s been months of fiery anticipation for World of Warcraft Patch 4.2, and today it arrives in all its flaming glory.

End-game raiding should get a scalding shot in the arm with seven new bosses, but let’s not forget the other if littler features that snuck their way into the new patch. EpicToon lists the five features that deserve to share the spotlight with the likes of Ragnaros and Dragonwrath.

1. Unlimited Trial Play

Your friends can now take their sweet time when trying out World of Warcraft.

Trial accounts no longer expire, a massive upgrade from their previous two-week expiry. This means even if your friends smell every flower at the starting zones, Azeroth will always be open for their return. Be patient and they’ll eventually raise their test characters to the allowable max level 20.

To progress further, they’d need to purchase the game already and subscribe, but the idea of a trial account that persists forever should be comforting for the uber, uber casuals.

2. Better Battle Chest and Free TBC Upgrade

As if the improved trial wasn’t enough, Blizzard sweetens the deal with cheap – or even free – game upgrades.

Players will be able to purchase the Battle Chest, which contains the original WoW game and the first expansion Burning Crusade, for $19.99. The catch? It’s digital so you’d have to spend some time downloading the files before installation.

Original WoW game owners who never got around to purchasing Burning Crusade also get the expansion for free.

3. Handsomely Rewarding Daily Quests

Not every raid starts on time, so if you’ve got an hour or so to burn, then the Firelands Daily Quests should be a nice diversion. The rewards are pretty impressive too.

You will be able to get more than a dozen weapon and armor recipes for Blacksmithing, Engineering, Leatherworking and Tailoring. This includes the spacious 36-slot profession bags for some of these professions.

4. Worthwhile Reputation Grind

The new patch ushers in the Avengers of Hyjal faction that also offers almost two dozen gear rewards starting from ilevel 378 to 391. If you must know, that’s comparable to drops from the Firelands raids.

This gives an alternate gearing path for casuals who might not be part of a progression raiding guild. It also supplements hardcore players with choice upgrades on the accessory slots of back, waist, trinket and finger – traditionally the hardest to fill out since everything else is taken care of by Tier emblem gear.

But prepare to spend a bit of WoW Gold. These rewards are redeemable for a 250 to 500 WoW Gold each.

5. Learn How Thrall Will Save the Day

This isn’t up for debate, obviously. Our favorite former Horde leader ventures into the Firelands, searching for a way to stop Ragnaros as he plots to burn the World Tree and Azeroth, in that order, just because he can.

Thrall has this hero complex, always wanting to save the day, and it’d be interesting to see his new storyline (and possible romance) progress into the patch. Get caught up in his tribulations and the epic dialogue that’s par for the heroic course.

Oh and don’t forget, have a peek at the official patch notes round-up. You never know what other hidden gems you might have missed in this hot update.