RIFT character transfers overload certain shards

With the coming of Patch 1.3, every RIFT player was given a chance to perform free character transfers to selected servers, and migrate they did to shard-shaking results.

For example, the Alsbeth shard is no longer an allowed transfer destination after it saw a heavy influx of transfer toons. It was taken off the shard destination amid reports of lag and load crashes.

Faeblight and Deepstrike (US), and Whitefall (EU) also refused to take in any more transfer toons almost immediately after patch day.

The mass migrations were led by large guilds hunting for a new home and countrymen huddling together on their “unofficial” national servers.

More shards could be closed down from character transfer in the coming days, if we are to believe player reports of 30-60 minute queue times in shards like Millrush and Threesprings.

Yet many believe the worse is over. They say players are already getting settled and preparing for the world event and Hammerknell raids, especially hardcore raiding guilds who do not want to get behind on progression.

Still, guilds with no raiding deadline to beat can still spend the next few weeks scouting for the perfect shard. One that is populated enough to organize RIFT Platinum runs but not too crowded or imbalanced in Warfronts PVP.

If you need a step-by-step manual on uprooting your toon, it’s hard to beat the official character transfer guide made by Trion Worlds, complete with eligibility requirements and the trickier task of guild transfers.