Epic MMO Recap: Week of Bikini-Optional Events

This week saw the official start of summer, and MMOs brought on the first wave of scorching hot patches and festivals that’s got us thirsting for more.


Need to cool off? Over at Telara, the new Patch 1.3: Waves of Madness provides all the crazy water fun your Ascended can handle. Read the EpicToon RIFT 1.3 Launch Day guide to track down the activities you’d want to do for months to come. Our preference tends to lean on the new Hammerknell 20-man raids for RIFT Platinum runs and participating in the world events for that stunning Murdantix mount chance reward.

World of Warcraft

In Azeroth, the excitement for Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands is building up to explosive levels. Players are eager to test the new raiding content featuring Ragnaros, and get to loot up to ilevel 391 gear in heroic fight modes.

All signs point to the new patch – and vicious PvP mounts! – arriving next week June 28, but you never know! For the time being though, the distraction of choice is the Midsummer Fire Festival event. Players are visiting bonfires, twirling till they’re spilling WoW Gold, and downing Lord Ahune for emblem-filled satchels. This year’s Midsummer event ends on July 4.

Final Fantasy XI

Care for a romantic romp at the beach? You’d have to settle for a midnight tryst over at Final Fantasy XI. The Celestial Nights festival returns next week to woo players from June 27 to July 11. Helpful event moogles should usher in the summer romance in a capital city near you.

Final Fantasy XIV

Summer takes a turn for the eerie in Final Fantasy XIV with two new instanced raids revealed for Patch 1.18. Players will get to battle criminal elements in the underground Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak or slay the undead lurking in the Dzemael Darkhold.

These new, one-hour limit raids should be out by next week at the earliest together with the much-anticipated auto-attack feature.


NCSoft turns up the PvP heat with the activation of Reduced AP loss and Rifting events starting June 22 until June 29. Now you have the perfect venue to vent out your summer rage, since AP loss will be reduced in half for encounters in the Abyss, Silentera Canyon, Ingisson and Gelkmaros. AP gains will also be increased temporarily for killing monsters in the first two areas.

All in all, summer MMO gaming is looking pretty swell. Where are your toons planning to skinny dip? Tell us in the comments below!