RIFT Patch 1.3: Launch Day Guide

RIFT Patch 1.3: Waves of Madness is now live and brings us the 10-boss Hammerknell raids, guild banks and free character transfers. Don’t have time to read the patch notes? Read this EpicToon guide to learn what you should be focusing on in the new patch.

20-Man Raids

The dwarven city of Hammerknell will host an intense three-way war between the Telaran Ascended, the Abyssal and the Faceless.

You will have to venture deep into the corrupted fortress and hunt down Akylios, leader of the Abyssal cult, who’s at the center of it all. But before you can battle the mad lord of the deep, you will have to clear nine other bosses scattered across three wings in this new 20-man raid dungeon.

The difficult encounters might drive you crazy, but the RIFT Platinum and relic gear rewards you’ll earn for beating them should make them worth it.

Zone-Wide Events

Trion Worlds has assured us that the Waves of Madness zone events will be nothing like the River of Souls, which was too short to be enjoyable. Executive producer Scott Hartsman and Co. has promised in multiple interviews that the phases will last longer so more players can sink their teeth into the invasions and the special event drops.

If there’s one event you shouldn’t miss, it’s the opening of the Hammerknell dungeon which will give everyone who participates, regardless of level, a chance to win a Tricorne of the Drowned Thief pirate hat and the Murdantix steed mount, shown below.

The special currency for Patch 1.3 events will be Rune King’s Seals, which can be traded in for Calling-specific necklaces and vanity armor.

World PvP Quests

New world PvP daily quests have been added, which can be accessed in Thedeor’s Circle in Sanctum (Guardians) or the Catari Command Center in Meridian (Defiant).

Free Character and Guild Transfers

Do you want to re-unite with friends in other shards? Yearning for faster queue times? Or do you simply want a change in scenery?

Free character and guild transfers are now available on a once-per-character-per-week basis. To be clear, all players are eligible to move. The only restriction is where you can transfer. Check out the dozens of destination shards (NA Defiant, NA Guardians, EU Defiant, EU Guardians) just waiting to be your new home.

Also, here’s a summary of the requirements you need before transferring:

  • Transferring characters need to be at level 15 and have no mail or auctions to transfer
  • There are different sets of destination shards for Guardians and Defiant. Trion Worlds did this on purpose for faction balancing.
  • For guild transfers, a guild leader will have the option to transfer his or her guild to the destination shard. Guild members will be given a heads up so they can switch shards and re-join the guild, but the default rank will be at the recruit level.

Guild Bank and Tithe Guild Perk

It’s time to chip in your RIFT Platinum to unlock those all-important guild banks.

The guild banks got a little delayed – there’s a minor bug they’re still fixing – but it’s expected to go live in a few days. EpicToon has compiled all you need to know about these shared storage spaces in our special Guild Banks and Tithe FAQs.

Soul Re-Balancing

All callings received class changes in Patch 1.3 and you will have to spend some time learning how to handle your buffed or nerfed spec. Some classes like Chloromancers even received a major overhaul that will force you to master a whole new gameplay style.

Better, Smoother RIFT

There are hundreds of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes implemented. You’ll also experience more fluid adventuring because of various UI improvements, items buffs, and increased drop rates for some crafting drops.

As you can see, there are so many things to be pumped about whether you’re a hardcore raider or a casual collector. If you’ve got the time, read the full RIFT 1.3 patch notes to absorb the full awesomeness of this massive patch.