RIFT guild bank tab prices reduced, but permissions still wonky?

After smaller and lowbie guilds complained about the prices to unlock guild bank tabs, Trion Worlds lowered the costs of the first and second tabs to 30 and 300 RIFT Platinum respectively.

“After talking with design and community, we decided to reduce the price of the first 2 tabs to make life easier for small guilds and guilds without many characters at level cap,” said senior software engineer Brian Morin.

Tab level 1 reduced its price from 100 to 30 Plat, a 70% decrease. Tab level 2 also slashed its price from 400 to 300 Plat, a 25% decrease.

Bank tab levels 3 to 5 retained their initial costs, and EpicToon Guild Banks and Tithe FAQs have been updated accordingly.

With these cost reductions, small guilds are now requesting that Add and Withdraw permissions be revised. Right now, these are based on a per tab basis which means guilds with just 1 tab only have one permission level. Many would like to have more control on who can access certain items.

Trion Worlds has had no feedback about this, but overall we think the prices are now more reasonable. One bank tab provides 105 item slots – more than enough space for starter guilds. It’s the raiding guilds who need massive amounts of bank space for crafting and storing endgame gear, and will have means to grind RIFT Platinum to unlock the other tabs.