New WoW PvP mounts earned by total wins not season rank

Blizzard released a preview of two new PvP ground mounts for World of Warcraft – the Vicious War Wolf (Horde) and Vicious War Steed (Alliance) – that can be earned after winning 75, 150 or 300 Rated Battlegrounds matches starting in Patch 4.2.

As win-based rewards, the Vicious mounts are more accessible than Arena mounts, which only the best gladiators with the highest win-loss rankings can earn after each season.

“Since these mounts are tied to each achievement and not to your placement on the competitive ladder, they will be awarded instantly rather than at the end of each season as with Arena mounts,” Blizzard poster Zarhym said in a developer post.

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You can earn a non-tradable, account-bound steed or a wolf mount after winning 75 RBG matches, and can gain two more as you climb to the 150 and 300 win milestones. So with 300 RBG wins under your belt, you can attach the first one to your main and give the rest out to two lucky alts.

Zarhym said the wins will be tracked and will not be reset after each RBG season, making Vicious mounts the kind of rewards you eventually get with enough persistence (or more importantly, membership to the more dominant PVP faction in your realm).

Here are the preview screenshots of the spiky, bannered and skull-bearing mounts.