RIFT 1.3 Guild Banks and Tithe FAQs

Guild banks will be a pricey privilege in RIFT Patch 1.3, but the new Tithe guild perk could help guilds raise a bit more RIFT Platinum to unlock all five tabs.

We know you have a lot of burning questions about these two new features, so EpicToon scoured the forums and newest developer interviews to get some answers. Read on to get extra enlightened on how guild banks and Tithe will work on live!

How much are the guild bank tabs?

The pricing structure right now is at:

  • Tab 1: 100 30p
  • Tab 2: 400 300p
  • Tab 3: 1500p
  • Tab 4: 4500p
  • Tab 5: 9000p

Smaller guilds are starting to complain that the costs are too high, to which senior software engineer Brian Morin replied that they could be changed in the future.

“We arrived at these numbers by looking at total wealth within guilds, then adjusted a bit up to account for future growth of the coin supply as we add content. Like any other aspect of the game, vault prices may be re-evaluated based on usage + feedback,” said Mr. Morin.

How can we raise that amount of wealth?

As with most MMOs, guild leaders and officers will have to push a massive fundraising campaign to unlock the guild bank tabs.

A small help will come from the new Tithe feature, which is a passive guild perk that deposits extra Platinum to the guild bank each time a member loots a corpse. “Example: If you loot 1g 65s and have 1% tithe, then you have a 65% chance of getting 2s and 35% chance of getting 1s [for the guild],” said Mr. Morin.

This perk will be useful for PvE leveling and questing guilds, but what about the PvP guilds that will not spend as much time killing mobs? Mr. Morin said he will bring up the issue with lead PvP developers, possibly to see an equivalent bonus system in Warfronts activities.

Will there be guild level requirements?

In an interview with ZAM, design producer Hal Hanlin said guild banks will be available for purchase at any guild level.

Where will guild banks be located?

At launch, Mr. Hanlin said guild banks will be accessible only at the faction capitals of Sanctum (Guardians) and Meridian (Defiants).

EpicToon will update this page as more information gets posted from the Public Test Shard, and once we get to use the guild banks on live servers by the June 22 patch day.

What can we put in the guild bank?

Anything but soulbound and account-bound items can be placed in the guild bank. You can also store Platinum which can be spent by guildmates on soul mending.

What are the permission settings available?

Add and Withdraw permissions for both items and currency can be managed for each tab and each guild rank via the Guild interface.

Coin Locked characters cannot add or remove items or currency from a guild bank, for obvious reasons that the accounts attached to them may have been compromised. Authenticator restrictions for Guild Bank management will also be included, not in Patch 1.3 but in a future update.