RIFT 1.3 Valor changes reversed; last-minute testing cut short

After just one night of testing, Trion Worlds realized that the Valor changes are not working as intended and will scrap them from RIFT Patch 1.3. It also said enough feedback was gathered from the single round of playtests that the rest of the 3-day battle royale need not push through.

Producer Adam Gershowitz first foreshadowed the Valor reversals when the first round of playtests were done.. “Early tests are already showing us that Valor damage reduction is too high,” he said, “so we’ll be making some significant changes for our next playtest.”

Then not long after, senior systems designer Christopher Junior sealed the deal with an official announcement: “We’re not happy with the results of the Valor changes, and will be rolling them back for 1.3.”

New Tack for PvP Balance in Patch 1.4?

Trion Worlds must have realized that with RIFT Patch 1.3 just a week away, there’s little time to salvage the Valor changes and make it palatable to the PvP crowd.

But Mr. Junior assured that this doesn’t mean a complete abandonment to the initial goal of helping new players who have not spent a single RIFT Platinum on PvP gear have a fighting chance in end-game Warfronts, and lowering burst kills. He said developers will instead tweak specific PvP skills to better tame damage instead of their futile attempt to implement a blanket damage reduction buff.

“Increasing overall survivability is a goal we’re going to continue to work towards. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and spend more time focusing on individual changes to class abilities that affect PvP combat only, much like the updates you’ll see coming out to the PTS environment later in the week for Pyromancers. This will be a primary focus for 1.4,” he said.

3-Day Battle Royale Ends Abruptly

Then after this rollback confirmation, assistant community manager James Nichols sealed the deal with a premature ending of the PvP playtests.

“As a heads up [to] all, with the decision to revert the Valor changes based on player feedback and our observations during yesterday’s event we are cancelling the test for today and tomorrow. We received sufficient feedback and data – thank you to everyone who showed up yesterday to participate!”