RIFT Patch 1.3 Gets Last-Minute PvP Testing

Trion Worlds will hold a special 3-day battle royale on its PVP test shard to let players experience the RIFT 1.3 class changes in a final attempt at balancing before the update goes live June 22.

The PVP playtests begin today, June 14, at 4:30 PM PDT and will last until June 16.

“Each evening’s event will likely run no more than a couple of hours and involve running multiple warfronts as we listen to your feedback and monitor the results of the recent changes,” said assistant community manager James Nichols in a forum announcement.

Chloromancers, which saw their playstyle switch drastically to a more classic Cleric healing build, will probably be first to dive in the trenches to show Trion Worlds that these sweeping changes are “massive mistakes.”

Mr. Elrar welcomed all players to the testing, but advised the new characters should be created for the 3-day fightfest. He said old characters will not have enough time to manually grind the Prestige Rank and RIFT Platinum needed for testing. New characters, on the other hand, can avail of Prestige and equipment vendors to boost their toons.

With this series of playtests, the RIFT 1.3 patch notes might not be out until June 17 at the earliest. Developers will still need to parse through the fight logs and determine which among the planned buffs and nerfs will make it into the live realms.

If you’re itching to prove Trion Worlds wrong or want a sneak peek of Warfronts action in Patch 1.3, sign up for PVP test shard access now.