RIFT 1.3 class changes highlights

This weekend, Trion Worlds dumped pages of confirmed soul class changes in the forums in the hopes that players will get a look at them and provide feedback before they go live in RIFT Patch 1.3.

Browse through these highlights, divided into the four callings, then drop in your two RIFT Platinum in the individual threads before your class is overly nerfed:


Justicar saw a major re-juggling of its branch and root abilities (but no worries, you get a free soul point respect), with some minor fixes on how spells work.

- JUSTICAR. It’s time to check your soul point allocation since Humility, Interdict, and several other abilities have been moved around. There are also nice buffs to magic damage mitigation and spell-based Parry and Dodge to help them tank better.



Huge buffs are lined up for Chloromancer and Dominator, with a dozen or more ability changes for each and necessitating a free soul point respec. Meanwhile, the Stormcaller get outright nerfs while the burst potential of classes like Pyromancer in PvP might soon be balanced out.

- CHLOROMANCER. New abilities like Lifebound Veil, Natural Healing and Living Infusion reward with better healing output as one goes deeper into the Chloromancer tree.

- DOMINATOR. New root abilities like Traitorous Influence and Mass Betrayal spread status effects while dealing Death damage to groups of enemies. Many spells and abilities received cooldown reductions (Deny, Mental Shock), increased radius buffs (Empowered Presence) and other improvements.

- STORMCALLER. Base damage for bread-and-butter spells like Lightning Field and Forked Lightning are reduced.



Things are pretty calm in the Rogue quarters, with only minor bug fixes and a few spell changes.


  • Bard – Motif of Regeneration: Now considered a spell, and can be Silenced
  • Infiltrator PvP – Cloudy Poison: Reduced casting speed debuff to 20%



The change to Strike Like Iron struck a chord with most Warriors, unleashing a furious claim that their DPS will go down the gutter and that further modifications to their interrupts will make them sitting ducks against casters.

- INTERRUPTS. Cooldown has been increased to 8 seconds and Power cost reduced to 10, with some like the Paladin Face Slam and Paragon Flinching Strike getting damage modifier changes.

- STRIKE LIKE IRON. Moved to a 30-point root ability.

- DUAL-WIELD PARAGON. Path of the Wind, Way of the Wind, and Bend it Like the Reed now require dual wield, or affect dual wield abilities.


  • Beastmaster – Companion’s Call: Makes the next pet summon ability instant-cast.
  • Paragon – Reaping Harvest: New root ability available with 2 points spent in Paragon. Attack point consuming ability that requires dual wielding.