Guild Banks In, Addons Out in RIFT Patch 1.3

Just over a week away from the release of RIFT Patch 1.3, we learn that glorious guild banks got finished in time, but that the Addons API toolkit used for creating custom addons has been pushed back to a later date.

Massively confirmed the launch of guild banks in RIFT Patch 1.3 when it got to chat with developers while trying out the Hammerknell raids live in E3.

Speaking of this new 20-man raid, Trion Worlds released an 8-minute walkthrough that shows their VP of Development cutting down Abyssal cultists and other deranged Akylios lackeys. Watch and weep at the beauty of this dark water dungeon.

While guilds and raiders got their content fix, addon fans though heaved a collective sigh of disappointment when ZorbaTHut announced that the addon system is still being polished on the Public Test Server and so will not be included in RIFT Patch 1.3.

“We want to make sure the addon system is completely ready for launch before launching it. Second, in preparation for 1.3, addons will be disabled on PTS from June 15 through June 22… It’s our intention to keep PTS up as much as possible until the addon system is released. We’d like to give you plenty of time to work on addon code,” the official addon point man said in the official forums.

There was no timeline given on when testing will end, but it’s a safe bet that the addon system should be in our hands by RIFT 1.4. By then, there will be a guaranteed explosion of UI skins, spell bar trackers and probably the definitive auctioneer buddy to help us eke out a small RIFT Platinum profit on the side.