Epic MMO Recap: The week of making waves

MMOs this week made a big splash, whether through literal water-themed content in RIFT or a more figurative tsunami of hype as what Star Wars: the Old Republic did on the E3 show floor.

Crazy Wet

Trion Worlds prepares to drown RIFT players in a flood of intrigue and new content with Patch 1.3: Waves of Madness, which is scheduled for release on June 22.

The official trailer reveals the plot by the Abyssal Cult to free their imprisoned god Akylios and the monstrous crustaceans that will make your job of defending Hammerknell that much harder.

With the patch notes coming any day now, be sure to stock up on RIFT Platinum and consult friends which server will become your new home.

Tatooine Test Play

Star Wars: the Old Republic made a big impression in E3, dominating the MMO news with its barrage of trailers and in-game demos.

Lead writer Daniel Erickson even led a live feed play session where he explored the various worlds, showing off the menu systems and mount rides, while answering fan questions that trickled by the hundreds via Twitter.

Then yesterday in a new video, production director Dallas Dickinson led a walkthrough on the desert world of Tatooine. The level 25-26 mission involves a hunt for a hidden Czerka research facility that would help the Sith Empire crush the Galactic Republic, but events turn for the worse when it activates an ancient evil.

The maps, models and environments are looking pretty slick, with toons even being able to pick up items and SWTOR Credits already, which should tell you that this MMO is nearing completion already.

Jumping for Joy

EverQuest II fans bowled over in excitement with the announcement that two new mount types – leapers and gliders – that will be available “later this month.”

The leapers, which will be able to jump high and be steered while leaping, will be rideable at level 30. Gliders work similarly to leapers but with the added skill of busting out wings and gliding, and will be rideable at level 60.

There’s no news yet on whether the first few models like the Mountain Saliraptor (leaping) and Wind Komodo (leaping and gliding), both shown above, will be purchased with EQII Plat or with real cash through the Marketplace, but details should come out in a week or two.

Demonic Revenge

Sony Online Entertainment released a new preview trailer for the group combat alert in DC Universe Online Game Update 3: Ra’s al Ghul’s Revenge. In a literal cutthroat challenge, the demonic leader Ra’s al Ghul leads an army of assassins in his quest to decimate the human population.

Four heroes or villains can team up to battle their way through ninja henchmen and the powerful Claws of the Demon, before facing off against Ra’s al Ghul in what creative director Jens Andersen calls “an epic boss fight.”

Aside from the DCUO Cash rewards, players can also earn a special cape and iconic gear sets based on the League of Assassins.

Which MMO gave a slick impression with you this week? Let us know and why in the comments, Facebook and Twitter.