RIFT 1.3 official patch notes coming “late this week or early next”

The June 22 release of RIFT Patch 1.3 is fast approaching, but everyone’s asking: So where the heck are the patch notes?

Well, they’re coming out “late this week or early next” says community coordinator Amanda Fry, who’s in charge of compiling the patch notes, in a forum post.

In explaining what’s holding things up, she said testing and tweaking of the Patch 1.3 features are still ongoing. Our guess is they’re trying to get those world event durations right (to avoid a Patch 1.1 repeat), and polishing those all-new Hammerknell raid encounters.

There’s also the whole E3 happening, which dragged away some of the key people who look over the patch notes. Hello, ever heard of a Blackberry? To which Ms. Fry responded: “It’s pretty rough reading my gigantic emails on a phone while standing on a show floor.” But with E3 winding up, those same developers will finally get back to the real important work.

Trion Worlds knows how big the patch notes are this time around. Players are dying to know how the free character transfers will be implemented, what the new gear and RIFT Platinum rewards will be for the fresh 20-player raid, and if player-made addon tools made it in time for Patch 1.3.

In any case, don’t lose sleep waiting for the patch notes. EpicToon will be here to serve it fresh the moment they hit the forums.