RIFT 1.3 goes live June 22 – See the official trailer and screenshots!

Trion Worlds just released a torrent of details about RIFT Patch 1.3, including a June 22 release date, a dramatic official trailer, and even a few screenshots of a dwarf at the center of this wet and wild update.

Also known as “Waves of Madness”, Patch 1.3 will be the third update in four months for RIFT and pits Telarans against Abyssal cultists and some pretty buffed up crustaceans.

Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of these terrors of the deep.

In describing the new threat, Trion Worlds said: “The forces of Water and Death fight to open the doors of Hammerknell, the forsaken Dwarven city deep in the Moonshade Highlands where abominable creations were sealed away long ago, and where something even worse now stirs…”

It doesn’t take a mad genius to know that this stirring menace is Akylios, dragon god of the Abyssal cult, who was imprisoned underneath the Hammerknell fortress during the previous Blood Storm war.

Trion Worlds also gave us fresh screenshots of Scotty Malm, who we last saw as a helpless freshman at Quicksilver College. He will be part of a major quest line in Patch 1.3, and judging from the pics, he might not be as easily bullied out of his RIFT Platinum this time around.