Player-made Addons coming soon in RIFT

Trion Worlds has confirmed that the Addons API – a set of tools that will allow anyone to build custom addons and UI skins for RIFT – is now being tested on the Public Test Shard.

This brings players one step closer to tweaking the basic UI layout like installing fancier fonts and cooler-looking bar managers. “While we’ve provided a robust default UI we understand the desire to customize and make it your own,” said assistant community manager James Nichols over the weekend.

Mr. Nichols assured that Trion Worlds will use the testing to sniff out bugs and possible abuses arising from the Addons API, which could take awhile, although some predict the feature to roll out by Patch 1.3.

“Addons, Skins and other modifications to the User Interface must not interfere with the quality and stability you have come to expect. To that end, we must also ensure that the API will not be abused and allow players to automate their play,” the high-ranking community moderator said.

Many players have voiced concerns that sneaky programmers could develop bot-like applications that allow automated farming of RIFT Platinum and completion of content even while being AFK.

In fact, there is already a raging debate in the new forum section dedicated to Addons API whether gameplay might be dumbed down from engaging, timing-specific battles to one-button clickathons.

But if you’re not alarmed one bit and, in fact, are looking forward to developing your dream RIFT addon, then check the forums to team up on ambitious projects, like a Trivia Bot perhaps?