RIFT 1.3 world event gets special testing today

Trion Worlds shows no signs of letting up its blazing fast patch roll-outs, with RIFT Patch 1.3 already lending its world event to Public Test Shard (PTS) scrutiny.

Testers will be able to fight and frolic in the invasion event starting today at 3:00 pm PDT. Assistant community manager James Nichols said leveling and gear merchants will be on hand to boost any newly made toon that wants to participate in the testing.

In describing the premise of RIFT Patch 1.3, Mr. Nichols also revealed the elemental opponents scheduled to plague Patch 1.3 – Death and Water.

“The ancient halls of stone stir and ancient evils once again threaten all the lands of Telara. The ocean swells with the coming abyss as the raw elemental powers of Death and Water prepare to use the world as their battleground and destroy the Ward in their wake,” he said in a forum announcement.

With Alsbeth and her Endless Court just reeling from defeat in Patch 1.1, my RIFT Platinum is on Akylios and his deranged cult leading the obligatory mission to sink Telara to oblivion.

For you patch freaks, official notes for the test shard version of RIFT 1.3 might be released “next week at the earliest.” Till then, keep the twitching at bay by creating a new PTS toon and enlist yourself as a tester.