EverQuest II: The Children of War Out Now – See the Trailer and Screenshots

All out war erupts today in Norrath as the Children of War update hits the EverQuest II servers, unleashing revised battleground mechanics, and new instances that span from the Crystal Caverns to the Fortress of Drunder.

Pushed back for two weeks due to the PSN outage, the Children of War patch seems to carry all the content promised by developers, including a balanced mix of challenges for PvP and PvE fans.

The two-minute launch trailer summarizes these fresh features quite nicely, although using the word “new” in every phrase borders on overhyping. We get it, everything’s new – as it should be with a new patch.

PvE-centric content

  • Four new instanced dungeons
  • Four new raids with new bosses
  • Two new heritage quests

PvP-centric content

  • PvP lobby system introduced
  • New battlegrounds Velious map
  • New game type: Vanquish

The Children of War patch also continues the storyline of the Destiny of Velious expansion, with players getting ever closer to the final confrontation against the war god Rallos Zek. The key to his defeat lies in releasing his imprisoned children, who might offer up his weaknesses in exchange for their freedom.

Based on the summary patch notes, there’s also going to be a lot of additional tradeskill quests and recipes, which will be a cinch to finish when you stock up on EQII Platinum.

Still not in a forgiving mood to check out the new patch? Maybe a taste of the high-res screenshots will soften you up, and convince you to check out what seems to be a pretty action-packed update. Now I’ll leave you to work out those “you let me down SOE” issues.