EpicToon SmackTalk: What can we do to stop jail-farmed Gold?

This weekend, a Guardian article told of a disturbing allegation from a Chinese prisoner which stated that jailers forced him and hundreds of other prisoners to farm Gold in 12-hour shifts.

Russ and Mick discuss this heated topic and suggest ways to stop jail-farmed Gold.

Russ’ Rant

It’s not often that Mick and I agree on something, but we see this as a human rights issue more than anything else.

Anti-RMT gamers are using the article to demonize all Gold sellers, when this is probably the act of a single crooked company with ties to a small group of Chinese jail officials. We should be demanding an investigation into why this happened and what is being done to stop it. It seems to me that RMT is being used as a scapegoat, obscuring the real problem here.

Chinese jails are notorious for pushing their prisoners into forced labor, from back-breaking mining to finger-number craftsmaking. It’s possible that Gold farming simply provides the highest payout right now, and as I stated earlier, the RMT industry is an easy target. From a personal point of view, I think that combating this becomes a matter of Gold buyers being sure to demand clean, trusted sources of Gold.

Most gamers still choose the company with the lowest prices or the biggest promises, and few bother to check the backgrounds of the companies they patronize. Do they spam in-game? Get their Gold supply from hacked accounts, bot farmers or, in this case, unpaid prisoners?

On the one hand, the RMT industry needs to grow up, EpicToon and a small number of other trusted sites have long undertaken a self-policing initiative that has proved rewarding thanks to our many diligent customers.

Even so, more Gold buyers need to turn stop turning a blind eye to known in-game spammers, scammers and hackers. These companies – mostly based in China – will continue to break rules, cut corners and offer sub-par service, built on the backs of unfortunate men like Mr. Dali.

The solution then is a simple one: Demand MORE from your virtual currency seller of choice.

Mick’s Shtick

First of all, let me express my sympathies to the anonymous prisoner who, after exposing corruption in the Chinese local government, was jailed and allegedly forced into playing World of Warcraft under the threat of beatings if he failed to meet his Gold farm quota.

This is just the kind of thing that gives the whole Gold selling industry a bad name. It also shows how the actions of a few rogue companies can smear the reputation of even legitimate sellers.

We’ve received a number of e-mails from our customers asking where we source our Gold, to which we categorically reply:

“EpicToon sources the majority of our Gold from professional players and partner guilds from countries outside China. On the odd chance that we do source from China, we SCREEN the Gold to ensure that it was acquired ethically.”

EpicToon and handful of other sellers play by the rules. We do things the right way by creating well-designed websites, hiring excellent English speaking customer support representatives, and enforcing sourcing policies that protect against hacked and other illegally obtained Gold.

On the other hand, most China-based Gold sellers refuse to honor any code of ethics. These companies tend to engage in account hacking, in-game spamming (major red flag) and website phishing for maximum profit. I suspect that these same rule breakers are the ones colluding with corrupt jail officials and buying the Gold farmed by prisoners.

So for the gamers out there who want to buy Gold with a clear conscience, please stop supporting the China-based Gold sellers. Instead, support the Western sellers who are actually making a concerted effort to stop all forms of illegal and immoral Gold farming.

Spread the word and support our mission to Clean Up the RMT Industry!