Video preview of Ragnaros fight in Patch 4.2

Ragnaros, the final boss in the upcoming Patch 4.2 Firelands raiding tier, is already proving to be too hot to handle.

Over the weekend, World of Warcraft players in the public test realm got to battle Ragnaros in his Sulfuron Keep lair, but even top raiding guild Enigma could only reach the second stage before wiping to consecutive flame attacks.

Watch all the action in the YouTube video below.

Enigma confirmed that the Ragnaros fight can be divided into three main stages, with “intermissions” in between.

The Firelord can be seen wielding his iconic hammer Sulfuras to full destruction, slamming it down to create lava waves and meteor projectiles. He also summons lava elementals that need to be kited away from each other.

Despite their early 20-40% wipe, Enigma said the Ragnaros encounter is shaping up to be a memorable one worthy of the Elemental Lord. “With some additional tuning and fixing of camera/environment issues, this looks to be a very fun fight!” said Enigma.

Ragnaros and all other Patch 4.2 raid bosses are being tested right now to try and fix bugs before they go live in several weeks. Abilities will also be tweaked to make the fight difficulty just right – not too punishing to be unbeatable, but not too easy either to be a cake walk.

Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to stock up on WoW Gold now to gear up fast once Patch 4.2 gets polished enough for release.