Full refunds and purchase confirmations added to RIFT

If you’ve ever experienced the “click-and-cry syndrome” in RIFT, where you accidentally purchased an item and was forced to vendor it at a loss, well you can start window shopping with less caution.

Trion Worlds rolled out full refunds and purchase confirmations designed to protect you from purchasing the wrong gear. This prevents you from wasting precious planar currency and RIFT Platinum just because you misread the item bonuses or clicked the wrong buy icon.

Full refunds will be available for 30 in-game minutes after purchase, so if you got disconnected, you can log back in at a later period and still have plenty of time to sell back the item. Vendors are also more careful now, asking you to re-confirm your purchase for Uncommon or higher rarity items.

But along with these convenient features, come restrictions that prevent total abuse. You will not be able to fully refund items that have been:

  • Modified with a Rune or temporary effect
  • Applied with any dye
  • Been sent to the mail, traded or listed on the Auction House
  • Used to activate a quest or update a quest objective

I know a lot of friends who will be delighted with these changes, simply because they are impulse buyers who don’t spend a lot of time thinking their purchases through.