RIFTconnect tutorial page teaches set-up and control basics

Trion Worlds has created a new tutorial page that helps RIFT players set up and use the new RIFTconnect social media sharing feature.

Launched in last week’s Patch 1.2, RIFTconnect allows direct posting of updates straight from the game world into Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. These updates can come in the form of screenshots, achievements, recorded videos, and random shout-outs to the social network public.

There’s a learning curve to configuring the settings, but the new RIFTconnect page does a great job of teaching even total newbies with its four guides on:

  • How to set up RIFTconnect
  • How to configure RIFTconnect options
  • What in-game commands to use
  • How to record and upload video

Take the five minutes to read through the short tutorials because you can pick up a neat trick or two. For example, did you know the CTRL+Y shortcut can start and end your YouTube video recording, or that typing a message after /blastpic will create a caption for the screenshot you posted on Facebook?

If you did, then you’re probably already using the RIFTconnect feature to its full capabilities, like showing off your best geared toons or enticing friends with RIFT Platinum so they can finally accept your Ascend-a-Friend referral invite. Let me know when you get that Swift Ember Steed.