Create a RIFT Colossus, Win $1500 and other DeviantArt Swag

While you’re busy fighting the giant Colossus in the new Stillmoor zone event, why not take drawing notes as well – What makes this titan look so awesome? – because there’s cash and RIFT game cards to be won if you sketch a particularly awesome Colossus art.

DeviantArt has launched a Create a Colossus contest, and your original rendition of a Telaran titan could win you some nice pocket allowance, digital drawing tablets and an upgraded license to brag in guild chat.

But there’s no room for a Corgi Colossus, no matter how terrifyingly cute. Your Colossus must be based on one of the six major elemental planes – Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Death and Life.

So yeah, go make that a Flaming Corgi Colossus. If you lose, you can always sell it as a commission – I know people who’d pay top RIFT Platinum for a hundred-foot monster dog from hell.

Here’s what you should know before pressing that SEND button:

Official Contest Rules

  • You must be 13 years old as of May 18, 2011. Sorry for toddler art savants.
  • You must submit in .JPG or .PNG files. Bust out the camera if you’re an old-school artist, or make this a reason to learn digital sketching.
  • You must submit online entries. They probably have enough art canvasses hanging around already.
  • You need to be a deviantArt member. Feel free to unsub if you don’t win.
  • Your entries – yes, more than one is allowed – must be in by June 19, 2011

Good luck!