DCUO MegaServer questions answered

Just days after getting the DC Universe Online servers back online after the PSN security breach outage, Sony Online Entertainment rolled up its sleeves and got right on to addressing the most burning questions players had about MegaServers.

SOE plans to introduce new technology that will create MegaServers, which will combine the current servers into multiple groups to speed up team creations in instanced raids, arenas, duos and alerts. MegaServers will function like the Battlegroups in World of Warcraft.

On the need for MegaServers

The company first addressed the most important question: Why the need for MegaServers? “After examining how the queues were working in detail, we saw our players were spending far too much time waiting and not enough time playing,” said executive producer Lorin Jameson, echoing concerns among end-game characters in particular having difficulty finding allies and foes alike.

On possible server dilution

Then, Mr. Jameson delved into the delicate subject of server type integration, assuaging critics who think MegaServers will dilute the PvE and PvP experience that players signed up for when they chose their home server.

“Players who selected PvP servers when they created their characters will always be in a PvP phase of the shared world with other PvP players. The same goes for PvE players,” he said, pointing to the phasing technology inherent to MegaServers.

But for instance queues, all players regardless of server type will be included in the matchmaking pool, cutting down the wait times and increasing the speed in which you can earn DCUO Cash, in theory.

On less chances for grouping with friends

Concerns have also been raised that MegaServers will destroy server communities since it will be harder than ever to clear content – and thus bond – with friends. Not so, if their MegaServers do their job, says Mr. Jameson.

“We have algorithms that will attempt to place you in the same phase as your friends and League members. Even if you end up in a different phase, you can almost always phase to your friends,” citing UI and /phase commands that allow instant relocation to your pals.

We’ll keep you posted when SOE announces the roll-out schedule for MegaServers. In the meantime, read the full MegaServer FAQ and join us in wondering: “What ever made you consider the name MonsterServers?”