RIFT character transfers in “active” development

“We are working on it,” is probably the most overused phrase in the MMO developer vocabulary, so that when Trion Worlds kept kind of confirming that they were working on character transfers in RIFT, players took it with a grain of salt.

But today, fans itching to switch shards have some real cause to celebrate. Assistant community manager James Nichols categorically confirmed that character transfers are in the current work pipeline, signaling that this time the feature isn’t simply being paid lip service.

“While it has been mentioned in interviews, we wanted to clearly state that a character transfer features is currently in development. We’re still ironing out the details which we will share as we get closer to its release; however, we wanted to let you know today that it is something we’re actively working on,” said Mr. Nichols.

Character transfers is one of the more popularly requested features in RIFT, just behind the likes of the Looking for Group tool, which has already been rolled out this new Patch 1.2, and player housing.

There is no news yet whether character transfers will cost hard cash or not, but if other MMOs are an indication, then it will probably be rolled out on a free-to-use basis for a short while before converting into a full pay-per-use service.

Character transfers will be a great boon for anyone craving for a change of community, in need of faster RIFT Platinum dungeon runs, or want to reunite with friends playing in another server. With the service on its way, the bigger question now is what measures will Trion Worlds enforce to ensure population and faction imbalances don’t go out of hand?