Death rifts voted most popular in RIFT

RIFT players really like the doom-and-gloom of Death rifts and invasions, voting the dark portals as their favorite type of planar opponent in a new Facebook poll.

This isn’t surprising given the huge turnout for Patch 1.1, which featured Alsbeth and her horde of skeletons and ghouls. This new Patch 1.2, the Fire and Earth rifts take center stage so they even edged out the Water and Life rifts which infest the starting zones.

Air rifts, though, took second place overall because of their pretty graphics. Each air rift forms a massive hurricane strong enough to pick up boulders. It drowns the surrounding area in thick fog where harpies and other winged monstrosities lurk for their next prey.

Corgi rifts – a nod to the dog companion earned from participating in the Ascend-a-Friend referral program – also registered quite a few votes. There are even Corgi fan threads popping up in the official forums whose sole purpose is to gush about these cute canines.

Defiant and Guardian rifts are the least popular, probably because they do not look or feel as epic. Sometimes, even a single geared player can fight the faction mobs located in these rifts, and close the foothold on his own.

Players are also turned off by the low RIFT Platinum and planar currency rewards from defeating faction rifts, so they chase down the more massive elemental invasions to be able to gear up faster.

How about you ET fans, do you also think Guardian and Defiant invasions are too lame to bother with? Or do you think death rifts are so overrated (not everything awesome has to have a skull on it)? Comment on our Facebook page or at the comments below!