RIFT Patch 1.2: Launch Day Guide

RIFT Patch 1.2: The Spoils of War is now live on all realms and ready for your gaming plunder!

Fresh from the ravages of Alsbeth and her undead horde, the world of Telara is facing a new menace in the form of the Golden Maw and the cult’s insatiable greed. 

We know you’re amped up to conquer this fresh content, so rather than reading the lengthy patch notes, just check out our handy guide that clues you in on the coolest activities in RIFT 1.2.

Test-drive the LFG tool

You requested for it, now use it ad nauseam. The Looking For Group tool allows you to form dungeon, rift and quest groups with players from your own shard. End-game players will find it easier to tackle Tier 1 and 2 expert dungeons, while alts will level faster by skipping the need to spam advertisements.

Here are some quick reminders for using the shiny new LFG tool:

  • LFG tool can be accessed by the shortcut key “I” or an icon on the lower left menu.
  • You can choose between the four roles: Tank, Healer, DPS, or Support
  • Choose from three dungeon types: Specific dungeon, Expert dungeon or Random Dungeon. Once a dungeon group is formed, you will be teleported to the instance.
  • Completing a random dungeon earns you bonus rewards per run like RIFT Platinum and planar currency.
  • Forming rift and quest groups will not teleport you to the location.
  • Cross-server functionality is in the works, but not a priority because of developer goals to first establish close-knit server communities.

Tackle more rewarding expert dungeons

If before expert dungeons proved to be too hard to be worth the trouble, now these difficult challenges provide a commensurate reward. Expert dungeon final bosses are now guaranteed to drop an Epic-quality item, with mobs easier to kill because of their lowered health.

The emergence of the LFG tool also called for a balancing of roles needed to complete expert dungeons. Trion Worlds is planning to make expert dungeons viable for groups with one geared healer, instead of the current need for two full-time healers plus a support healer. The boss loot tables have also been reconfigured to allow a greater variety of drops per run.

Battle in alternate reality Slivers

Slivers are new 10-man raid instances, which can only be seen when you use the new Ascended Powers: Omen Sight for Guardians and Quantum Sight for Defiants. These can be bought from the Planar Goods merchants in the capitals. The first Sliver raid activated for the patch is named the Gilded Prophecy.

Get geared in new expert and raid rifts

Need a change of pace from the stuffy dungeons? Rifts are a great alternative path to your powering up and leveling goals. The gear from expert rifts have been strengthened, and you can start working your way up to the new 60,000 planarite cap.

  • New expert rift: “Auricore Forerunners”
  • New raid rifts: “The Golden King” and “Drakith Hatchery”

Command your faction in new zone events

Three high-level zone events have been activated across Stillmoor, Shimmersand and Iron Pine Peak, allowing for faction-wide fun. You can organize your side to win the zone challenges like defending the Icewatch Bulwarks from the forces of Crucia or gathering enough shadestone to summon a champion defender against Gogalab the Pox Bringer.

Get your hands dirty with more competitive PvP

Warfronts are a whole new ballgame with the PvP changes implemented in RIFT 1.2, mainly diminishing returns adjustments to crowd control spells and the addition of the Break Free immunity spell. For your efforts, each win will provide better rewards and an easier time purchasing rank weapons.

Show off your fancy gear through wardrobe slots

In RIFT 1.2, you have been given new Wardrobe slots which are available starting at level 1. The armor restriction will be applied for your calling – plate wardrobe for warriors, mail for clerics, etc. – and additional clothing items can be sold in vendors in the capital cities so check them out.

Pimp your character in social networks

Now known as the RiftConnect service, this social media integration feature lets you share achievement updates, screenshots, and recorded videos on the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube with a click of a button.

Here are the shortcut commands for quick posting:

  • Facebook: /fb, /fbpic
  • Tumblr: /tumblr, /tumblrpic
  • Twitter: /tweet, /tweetpic
  • To send to all logged in social networks: /blast, /blastpic

If you’re not the bragging type and concerned with your privacy, you can breathe a sigh of relief because the RiftConnect service is completely optional.

Recruit more friends to RIFT

Recruiting friends to the game is now easier than ever with two new trial options available. The Ascend-a-Friend referral program lets you send out invitations via e-mail or social networks, and rewards you with exclusive prizes for each successful referral.

There’s also the new 7-day free trial program, which can be used by anyone interested in checking out RIFT. But in our opinion, it’s always better to just get a friend to send you an Ascend-a-Friend referral because it gives your all the benefits of a weeklong trial and in-game rewards to boot.

There are also pages of alterations to classes, dungeons and the user interface. Check out the full patch notes to get the complete information and if walls of white text don’t scare you.