Post Facebook updates while playing RIFT Patch 1.2

Dinging in RIFT will soon come with an avalanche of Likes — if you want to. Trion Worlds will integrate Facebook to the game in next week’s Patch 1.2, enabling players to brag about their progression among social network friends.

“With Facebook integration, players can open a rift from the Plane of Bragging Rights by updating their profiles with screenshots, YouTube video links, and achievements directly from in-game,” the developer said in its official press release detailing the new features of its second content update.

Many of the features coming in RIFT Patch 1.2: The Spoils of War have already been previewed for us – the Looking for Group tool and Wardrobe system, the new zone-wide events, even the PvP balance changes – it’s the first time we’ve heard the extent of Facebook integration coming to the game.

The biggest question among fans now is whether the Facebook feature is scaleable and optional. Privacy advocates want a choice limiting update access to select friends, but exhibitionist types welcome the chance to flaunt their RIFT Platinum-bought gear and latest expert dungeon clear to everyone.

How about you? Will you close off your Facebook feed to avoid potential stalkers, or will you flood your friends with updates to finally convince them to check out the game?