Dungeon Journal to reveal boss abilities and loot in WoW Patch 4.2

Boss wipes are heading for a nosedive in World of Warcraft with the advent of the new Dungeon Journal feature in Patch 4.2.

The Dungeon Journal will reveal the abilities and loot of all instanced bosses, making it the go-to guide for dungeon runs, raiding and gear farming.

“The Dungeon Journal is a new piece of UI in World of Warcraft that players can use to find out more about specific dungeons, and the bosses within those dungeons, including what abilities they have and the rewards they offer,” said Blizzard poster Kaivax in a recent blog post.

Will the ability descriptions be so detailed as to make each encounter easy mode? Not a chance. Blizzard said the Dungeon Journal will only expose the “context” of the boss abilities but will not reveal exact implementation of said abilities, like what happens in TankSpot videos.

“For example, while the Dungeon Journal might say something like ‘This ability will cause all players in the affected area to take damage,’ it won’t say anything explicit like ‘All players except the tank should stand behind the boss during his Shield phase,” said Kaivax.

Here’s a list of what the Dungeon Journal will offer players at launch:

  • Boss locations. The dungeon or raid map will mark the bosses with unique icons, which can be clicked to reveal further information about the boss.
  • General boss and adds abilities. The scope of bosses included is still to be determined. But it’s been confirmed that adds, also known as boss lackeys, will also have their abilities displayed.
  • Boss and trash drops. The loot information will include boss loot tables and trash mob loot tables as well, basically making the need for Atlas Loot obsolete. No word yet if WoW Gold rewards will also be shown.
  • Accessible anywhere. Can be anytime, whether inside a dungeon or outside.
  • Single-key access. Pressing the letter “M” will open the Dungeon Journal, and the navigation bar will also show a new icon for it.

Many players welcomed the Dungeon Journal, since it will make raiding easier and more convenient for everyone involved. The biggest sigh of relief came from guild leaders and tanks, which have traditionally played the role of mentors when tackling new bosses. Soon even new players will have little excuse to not knowing the encounter, when the data is just a mouse click away.

Do you think the Dungeon Journal is a godsend, or do you think it’s just another spoon feeding tool for lazy players?