RIFT 1.2: PvP changes in crowd control and damage reduction

Snares will be subjected to diminishing returns and PvP gear will provide a greater share of damage reduction when RIFT 1.2 goes live on May 10.

These changes are part of the balance tweaks planned by Trion Worlds to make PvP more balanced in the next major patch update, what with new world zone events popping up in high-level contested areas.

Crowd control changes

Crowd control spells have been streamlined into two major category types: “Movement” and “Control” abilities, according to senior systems designer Christopher Junior.

Snares have been grouped with roots and knockbacks under the general “Movement” abilities for diminishing returns purposes. As it stands, a movement-impairing ability will have 100% initial application (8 second max), a 50% second application, and then total immunity to similar effects for 30 seconds once the initial application runs out.

To balance this nerf to snare effectiveness, Trion Worlds is bringing back abilities that passively trigger snares. This means players will have more access to snare effects, but will have less problems being locked down by the opposing team due to stronger diminishing effects.

The same 30-second rule will apply to “Control” category abilities which include banish, disarm, silence, fear, confuse, mesmerize and stun.

Fans are already debating whether this new diminishing returns policy will empower ranged classes versus melee via kiting. In any case, these are still being tested first in the Public Test shard for further revisions.

Damage reduction changes

Meanwhile, damage reduction will now shift towards PvP gear instead of PvP souls.

“The goal is to ensure that both aspects provide a useful benefit, instead f the majority coming from the souls themselves,” explained Mr. Junior. This should bump up RIFT Platinum and other currency spending for PvP gear.

As a result, several defensive nerfs will be rolled out to Templars, Archmages and Inflitrators. Pure damage reduction effects from spells and abilities will also be capped at 75% for PvP, which should make buffed up clerics and other defensive-types easier to kill.

Agree with these changes or did they go too far with the crowd control “simplification” and damage reduction?