Testing begins for new RIFT zone events

New zone events planned for Stillmoor, Shimmersand and Iron Pine Peak will hit the RIFT public test shard today according to assistant community manager James Nichols. Designed for level 41-50 characters, these new zone events should be a viable leveling alternative to dungeon runs and questing.

Trion Worlds has yet to reveal the rewards for participating in these zone events, but players expect equivalent rewards in the form of RIFT Platinum, leveling xp, and planar currency. If you plan to check out the new zone events, head first to preparation merchants in the capitals to get a travel mount and boost your test character to level 50.

Each zone event requires a different objective so be sure to coordinate with faction teammates to develop the best tactic possible.

Stillmoor – An Eye for an Eye

  • Objective: Defeat the opposing faction’s Colossus.
  • Official description: Picture Godzilla vs. Mothra vs. Mechagodzilla. This is a clash of the titans between 3 collosi as you fight in a three-way-battle of titanic proportions!

Iron Pine Peak – Planar Chill

  • Objective: Tower capture and defense.
  • Official description: Stretching along the spine of the zone you will need to defend and hold strategic points across the map and defend the Icewatch from the maelstrom of invaders from the Plane of Air.

Shimmersand – Scourge of the Sands

  • Objective: Resource escort and protection.
  • Official description: Merchant Caravans herd their precious cargo towards safer footholds across the treacherous desert of Shimmersand. Escort and defend these vulnerable lifelines and stop the Plane of Earth from cutting off the trade routes.

“Help us repel these planar invaders, make dust out of the colossi, and save the Corgis (maybe Telara while you’re at it) from certain doom! Your help and feedback ensures these events are enjoyable for yourself and others when they are released worldwide with Update 1.2,” said Mr. Nichols.

RIFT 1.2 has been scheduled for May 4 and will bring the much-talked about LFG tool, wardrobe slots and all-new dynamic content linked to Ascended Powers. Skirmishes in low-level contested areas are also expected to heat up as Trion Worlds seeks to heat up the rivalry between the Defiants and the Guardians.