RIFT Patch 1.2 now scheduled for May 10

The second major update for RIFT is now set to go live May 10, which is a week later than the original May 4 tentative launch, according to multiple news sources.

Whether you see the moved release as a delay or just extra preparation—it’s a half-glass-full thing—it’s known that Trion Worlds wants to make RIFT Patch 1.2 more polished than the first one.

Patch 1.1 was considered by and large a success, except for the mistake of releasing the last two phases of their River of Souls world event in such a contracted time period. Fewer people got to experience the content and get RIFT Platinum, among other rewards, but Scott Hartsman and team are determined to improve the timing for this next round.

What do you think Tooners, will one more week make all the difference or do you just want it earlier, with minor blemishes and all?

Thanks to EpicToon reader zoa for the news tip!