RIFT Coin Lock upgraded, plus get your 10% BONUS Plat now!

Restrictions have been added to RIFT‘s Coin Lock feature in an attempt to further limit the actions of unauthorized users.

In its initial version, the Coin Lock feature prevented unauthorized users from accessing the auction house, selling gear to vendors for RIFT Platinum, sharding items and sending in-game e-mail. Trion Worlds correctly figured that these would hamper the damage that can be done to characters and items should an account be compromised.

However, characters from Coin Locked accounts still managed to cause havoc to the community by advertising phishing websites in public channels and whispering annoying messages to friends and guild mates. Such actions will no longer be possible after the hotfix today, according to Community Coordinator Amanda Fry.

Coin Locked accounts can no longer:

  • Use public chat channels
  • Yell
  • /tell
  • Modify guild membership of themselves or others
  • Modify guild quests, motto of the day, member notes, guild ranks
  • Train guild perks

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