RIFT 1.2 brings LFG tool, Appearance system by May 4

In two weeks, Trion Worlds will activate the long-planned Looking for Group tool and a multi-slot appearance system in its second major update for RIFT, according to executive producer Scott Hartsman in an interview with Massively.

Mr. Harstman said RIFT 1.2 will usher in the LFG tool, which allows players to easily group up with other players in their own shards to complete dungeons and world quest content. Players can sign up for one of four roles—tank, healer, support and DPS—and the system will automatically match you with complementary team members and port you to the destination dungeon.

In RIFT 1.2, the daily dungeon system is also more flexible. It now allows players to store up to seven daily dungeon attempts, so those who can only play during weekends can complete a chain of dungeons made even faster by the LFG tool.

The May 4 update also introduces an appearance system that enables players to equip cosmetic armor pieces over their current armor. This won’t have an effect on actual combat stats, but will be a big boon for roleplaying and for creating a unique-looking toon.

Of course, what would an Appearance system be without quirky costume sets? Mr. Harstman confirmed that artists are busy creating theme sets for zones like a snow ninja set for the ice-capped Iron Pine Peak zone (shown above) and a desert warrior outfit for the Shimmersand zone. More details will be released once the Appearance system becomes available on the test server in the coming days.

For min-maxers and spec addicts, Trion Worlds is unlocking a fifth role slot for a mere 100 RIFT Platinum. You can test out your specs in new high-level and endgame content:

  • Slivers. 10-man raids exclusive to those who’ve used an Ascended Power.
  • Tower defense. Zone-wide event that revolves around controlling strategic towers.
  • Escort. Zone-wide event to protect moving resources.
  • Colossus. Zone-wide event where players can summon a Colossus and pit it against the Colossus of the opposing faction.

Mr. Hartsman also reminded all players to claim their World Event Reward Pack, which has been expanded to cover all characters, even those who were created after the event. The redemption period will end next week and reward vendors will soon be removed in-game, so better trade-in those Otherworldy Sourcestones before they become obsolete.