EpicToon Round-Up: Easter Holiday and Spring Events

The festive holiday of Easter encapsulates everything nice about spring: fun activities, roses in full bloom, lively colors and a fresh start for all.

It’s no surprise then that Easter and spring-themed celebrations are sprouting like bunnies across MMO land, and EpicToon has collected the best ones for you to try take a crack at. We’ll be updating this page as more events pop up so check back often!

EverQuest II

Faydwer Faire event (Apr 8 – 10)

For the second year running, the good and neutral-aligned denizens gathered in the Antonia Bayle server to sing bardic songs, roleplay, and compete on everything from archery to vegan cooking contests. The player-run festival ended with a flying competition and an extended meet-and-greet at the Wayfinders Inn at the Kelethin Platform.

Final Fantasy XI

The Egg Hunt event (April 12 – 26)

Citizens of Vana’diel are scrambling to collect and trade eggs for exclusive prizes. Every day that a player is logged in during The Egg Hunt event, he or she will receive free egg items that can be mixed and match for winning combinations.

The festivities encourage players to mingle with their fellow eggs-plorers, and spend more time in-game. Event moogles will be stationed on all three major cities to facilitate the hunt, while resident moogles can assemble collectible furnishings into an egg buffet – try it out, it’s fun!

Final Fantasy XIV

Hatching-Tide event (April 15 – May 9)

A new festival in the city-state of Gridania and hatched by a peculiar Miqo’te, the Hatching-Tide event will have players warming dodo-sized eggs, and wearing egg caps until the Hatching Hour. Players can either believe the prophecy of the Dreamer that the eggs are a sign of the return of the Archons, or dig a little deeper into the mysterious festival.

Talk to the Dreamers NPCs located in all three starting city-states: Upper Decks in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, and Merchant Strip in Ul’dah.


Chances are slim that RIFT will see an Easter or spring-themed event this year, what with River of Souls world event just ending last week.

But players are making do with spotting “Easter eggs”– amusing pop culture references and quotes –planted by developers throughout the game. Have cheery fun browsing through this 22-page thread that compiles everything from Ghostbusters-inspired quests to Lovecraftian horrors.

World of Warcraft

Noblegarden event (April 24 – 30)

In Azeroth, players have a more traditional and comic take on Easter with the Noblegarden event. Players can hunt for colored eggs in sleepy towns like Goldshire and Bloodhoof Village, and collect Noblegarden Chocolate, which can be exchanged for a number of spiffy spring costumes and other quest-related items.

Participating in the Noblegarden events and completing the related achievements is a prerequisite for What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, one of the hardest meta-achievements in the game that rewards the Violet Proto-drake flying mount.