Last March, RIFT was top-selling PC game on retail in NA

North American gamers bought more RIFT than any other PC title sold via retail in March, according to the just released March Report of market research firm NPD Group, which tracks videogame sales each month.

RIFT sold better than other blockbuster releases for the PC like Dragon Age 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Trion Worlds did not release any numbers, but the NPD ranking does not include the massive sales from online game sellers like Amazon and GameStop, and the official RIFT website.

NPD reports are released one month after the tracked period, owing to collection of sales data from brick-and-mortar stores. Should RIFT continue to sell well into April and keep those subscribers interested, this would be a major coup for Trion Worlds given that recent MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV experienced a steep drop in sales and subscribers after a disappointing first month of play.

Korean Localization

In other exciting news, Korean fans will soon get their RIFT on.

Trion Worlds has signed a multi-year agreement with Korean developer and publisher CJ E&M Games to exclusively publish a localized version of RIFT in Korean, according to a press release. This will be the first time that RIFT will be brought to other foreign markets outside the NA and EU.

So what does this mean for us? Should RIFT become popular, this would mean additional developer funds for creating new content, and rolling out better server tech and customer service.

If you’re worried that this would mean additional grind and less RIFT Platinum drops, don’t worry! Localization only means that the game will be translated to that language, with certain content adjusted depending on the cultural norms in South Korea.

Trion Worlds has not elaborated if custom features will be rolled out for South Korea, but our bet is that it will only be a direct import, with NA and EU players getting first dibs of all new content before it gets localized, which is the inverse of what happens in Aion.