RIFT guild claims world first kill of Alsbeth the Discordant

Addiction has pronounced itself the first RIFT guild in the world to down Alsbeth the Discordant, the final boss of the River of Souls 20-man raid that was only unlocked this weekend.

Addiction is a veteran multi-game guild based mainly in North America, and has previously competed for raiding dominance in MMOs like EverQuest and now, RIFT.

In response to skeptics who demand a system-generated confirmation, Addiction insisted that RIFT currently has no server-wide announcement that triggers after a first world kill. Trion Worlds would have to confirm the claim as authentic, which it hasn’t done so yet.

Despite the doubt cast on their feat, Addiction posted a screenshot below that puts their Alsbeth clear at 12:30 am of April 17 during a nonstop raiding gauntlet that lasted more than six hours.

The guild also provided a close-up look of The Soul Reaper, a two-handed axe for Warriors. It is one of the ultra rare drops from the Mistress of the Endless Court.

If you’re still saving RIFT Platinum for Patch 1.1 gear and want to know the strats ahead of time, Addiction gave a casual tip for beating Alsbeth that while not detailed, is a pretty hilarious read:

“Alsbeth is like that girlfriend you used to have before you started playing RIFT. You know how you’re ready to go out but she is still in the bathroom. And you peek in and you’re like ‘hey babe, are you ready to go yet?’ and she’s like ‘no I’m still doing my hair!’ and then you’re like ‘OK. NP.'”

“And you’re waiting patiently until it’s been awhile so you go back and check on her again and this time she’s doing her make up. So you’re like ‘OK. WTF. NP.’ and you wait awhile longer until finally you’re running late. So you go back up there and open the door and you’re like “HEY we are going to be late!” and then her enrage timers goes off and you’re just like ‘OH FUCK?!’”

“Bring two justicars.”