Missed the RIFT world event conclusion? Here’s your consolation reward!

This weekend, Trion Worlds activated the last two phases of its month-long RIFT world event, but many players missed the action (and the juicy achievements linked to them). Phase 2 and 3 lasted only a few hours, which many found too short a time to participate in the unlocking of the River of Souls 20-man raid.

Executive producer Scott Hartsman himself admitted that “the later phases of the event were too concentrated and time-pressed” and announced that all active subscribers will receive a River of Souls Event Reward Pack as compensation.

The reward pack contains:

  • 250 Otherworldly Sourcestone – currency that purchases a bunch of rare items
  • 1 Purified Treasure Cache – contains a random chance of obtaining one of the special world drop event rewards from the day of the event:

Common – Grave Goods Bag, a unique 20-slot bag
Uncommon – Shroud of Anti-life, a Lorn non-combat Polymorph
Rare – Nimble Spectral Horse, a 90% speed mount
Ultra Rare – Swift Spectral Warhorse, 110% speed mount

  • Shadetouched Weapon Cache – the starter item for the Rare Death weapon quests. You can choose whichever level appropriate one you’d like.
  • The Grim Hero and Grim Protector achievements, since not everyone who was (or wanted to be) present was able to obtain them:

While we’re disappointed that extra RIFT Platinum wasn’t given out, we’re psyched that some event achievements and quests such as kneeling to Alsbeth and the Rare Death weapon quests will remain open for completion.

Increased drop rates for the Otherworldly Sourcestone have also been extended “for the next few days” so players can redeem all the pieces they want from the event rewards vendor.

Mr. Hartsman thanked fans for their patience and promised in an earlier post that the next RIFT events will be less about whole servers ganging up on event bosses, and will be designed to be more inclusive.

“We’re already taking what we’ve learned over the last week and today into account as we work on the next set of world events, and will be designing them such that full-server-population flashmobs aren’t quite as likely to occur – Both for fun factor and performance,” he said. “Equally importantly for the future, we’ll be ensuring there are more phases that each last longer, and a more clear progression, to maximize everyone’s chance of participating.”