New gender options mulled for Final Fantasy XIV

A female Roegadyn, a male Miqo’te and a female Highland Hyur could soon be playable in Final Fantasy XIV, according to director and producer Naoki Yoshida, who confirmed that single-gender options for the three races will be expanded.

“We talked to Yoshida and one of the things he mentioned was that the number of people wanting a female Roegadyn was pretty unexpected! He wanted us to let you know that the team will do their best to introduce missing genders alongside the launch of the PS3 version,” said community rep Bayohne in the official forums.

Mr. Yoshida has been known to yield to popular demands as he tries to rebuild trust and fan loyalty after FFXIV released with bugs and ungainly features last year.

Players got even more excited when Square Enix released what could be the concept art for a female Roegadyn.

Shown above is Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, leader of The Maelstrom, one of the new Grand Companies revealed today. Speculators offer two evidences that the Chief Admiral is a female Roegadyn:

  1. Her name follows the convention for the hardy race
  2. Her features which mimic the male Roegadyn Sea Wolves (shown below), including pale purple skin, white hair and a robust frame.

A closer look of the Chief Admiral might be possible once Square Enix rolls out the Grand Companies in the live servers, but as of now these war-time organizations are still shrouded in mystery. Will they provide missions that reward FFXIV Gil and reputation?

Lore-wise, Grand Companies combine the military, economic and political powers of city-states under one leadership in times of great need, which Eorzea faces in the face of aggression from the Garlean Empire in the north. Developers could use the Grand Companies as a vehicle to introduce the new gender options as NPCs before activating the actual playable toons in the future.