New RIFT Lore: Two Defiants and the Faceless Man

Trion Worlds continues to build the lore in RIFT with a new six-part Tales of Telara entitled “Drowning in Snow”, which weaves a story around Kira Thanos and Uriel Chuluun, a Kelari and Bahmi about to undertake a mysterious quest.

Both Defiants seem to have their individual gifts—Kira a deadly dual-wielding assassin and Uriel a learned scholar of the Death taint—which the Faceless Man will no doubt require for a dangerous mission.

Players will recognize the Faceless Man as a quest giver NPC for Defiants in Tempest Station in the Terminus zone. He offers the Saga of the Endless quest line, which aside from rewarding RIFT Platinum and XP, also gives a hint as to the cultist horrors both Defiants will face.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next five installments of Drowning in Snow, especially if you’re the type who likes to nibble on every back story morsel in the game. You can also devour the completed The Boar Spear series, if you haven’t done so yet.