EverQuest II Children of War update breaks out May 17

Sound the bugle and lead your trusted comrades to arms – all out war begins next month!

On May 17, EverQuest II will release its 60th game update called “The Children of War”, which overhauls the PvP and Battlegrounds mechanics, and introduces a new map and balance modifications to the fantasy MMO.

Players will have to devise strategies for the new Frozen Tundra battleground map and the Vanquish battleground game type. A lobby system will also be activated, letting players hang out between matches, and spend their EQII Platinum on item and gear sold by nearby merchants.

In rolling out The Children of War update, Sony Online Entertainment seeks to train a new generation of PvP players by streamlining complex systems like the Adornments interface and overhauling the rules of engagement “for better balance and fun factor.”

Destiny of Velious expansion owners will also unlock fresh PvE content in the form of three new instanced dungeons, three new raids filled with bosses, and dozens of quests and missions. These revolve around the Rallos Zek storyline, where the God of War brings the terrible Fortress of Drunder to the world of Norrath and plans to use his forces to steal a terrible ancient power.

SOE provided screenshots of these upcoming dungeons plus the cold wastes of the Frozen Tundra battleground:

To mark the announcement, SOE also launched a weeklong winback promo. From April 14 to 21, inactive players can log back in for free, play the existing content, and claim a free flying mount.

More details should come as we get closer to the May 17 release date so stay tuned for more EQII coverage!