iOS mobile authenticator for RIFT now available

Hot on the heels of the Android mobile authenticator, Trion Worlds has released an iOS version of the program that protects RIFT game accounts from unauthorized logins.

The 0.6 MB security app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices running iOS 3.0 or later. Like the Android version, the iOS mobile authenticator is free to download. The app has already gained an average 4.5/5 rating from users, suggesting the app is working as intended with minimal errors or bugs.

The mobile authenticator adds a layer of protection for players; even if your account username and password are stolen, they would need the authorization code supplied by your mobile authenticator to break into the account. The program should stop potential thieves from stealing your newly bought RIFT Platinum and rare items.

How to set up the authenticator

  1. Download the RIFT mobile authenticator
  2. Install and run the authenticator program. You will be given a unique serial key.
  3. Log in to your Trion Worlds account and click the “Authenticator” link under “Account Security” on the Account Summary Page.
  4. Enter the unique serial key you obtained earlier, complete the user form, and click “Apply Serial Key”

After installation, you will also receive the appropriately named in-game title “The Ironclad”.

How to use the authenticator

  1. Run the RIFT game client
  2. Run the mobile authenticator device to obtain a authorization security code
  3. Enter the authorization code together with your username and password

While this cool new app should lower your chances of being hacked, you should still practice the basic rules of account security: Never share your password with anyone, even family members; Keep your e-mail and game passwords unique and hard to guess; and purchase only RIFT Platinum from safe and trusted sellers.

Now go enjoy the increased drop rates of Patch 1.1!