RIFT World Event extends Phase 1 for a week, adds new rewards

The current RIFT world event will remain in Phase 1 until April 16, after Trion Worlds spent the better part of the weekend fixing technical glitches found in the later Phases.

The River of Souls world event is composed of three phases, and Phase 2 was supposed to begin yesterday, April 9, however, when the new content was rolled out across the European servers it encountered problems that forced the company to delay the launch on both sides of the Atlantic.

The bugs seem to have been fixed already according to Assistant Community Manager James Nichols, but Trion Worlds has decided to reschedule the Phase 2 launch to next Saturday, April 16. Developers apologized for the delayed progression and promised to make the week-long wait more bearable by increasing rift invasion drops and trade-in rewards.

Players will receive more Otherworldly Sourcestones from clearing Death rifts and invasions, and will be able to exchange said currency for more item rewards at the World Event merchant.

World Event Merchant Rewards

EpicToon has compiled a checklist so you don’t miss this event-specific loot, which has a combined cost of more than a thousand Otherworldly Sourcestones:

  • Hagbrood Hatchling – 100 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Shade Touched Scarab– 100 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Shade Touched Hound – 100 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Touch of the Shade – 100 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Guise of Death – 500 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Lesser Soul-Iron Band/Loop/Ring/Signet – 50 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Greater Soul-Iron Band/Loop/Ring/Signet – 200 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Exalted Soul-Iron Band/Loop/Ring/Signet – 300 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Lesser Deathstones – 40 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Deathstones - 80 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Greater Deathstones – 160 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Exalted Deathstones – 240 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • Sub-30 Trinket Set – 100 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • 30+ Trinket Set – 200 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • 40+ Trinket Set – 300 Otherworldly Sourcestone
  • 50 Trinket Set – 400 Otherworldly Sourcestone

If you’ve managed to purchase all the rewards on this list, you can still keep killing Alsbeth’s minions for decent RIFT Platinum until Phase 2 goes live next week. Spend it on auction house upgrades that will ensure your success once the 20-man River of Souls raid unlocks later this month.