Allies of the Ascended free trial event repeats this weekend!

Did you enjoy the Allies of the Ascended event, where you got to invite friends to play RIFT for free? Don’t stop celebrating yet – they can continue their free trial adventures this weekend from April 8 to 11!

Check your e-mail inbox now to get the special Ally Codes needed for the free preview event. Five friends can use the Ally Code before it expires, so choose wisely.

The first Allies of the Ascended event was a smash hit.  Thousands of gamers from other MMOs logged into RIFT and experienced the newly launched Patch 1.1 content. If you’re worried about falling for hoax e-mails, the official message will look something like this:

Tell your friends to follow this step-by-step process to apply the Ally Code:

  1. Create a Trion Worlds account or log in if he or she already has one.
  2. Enter the Ally Code
  3. Download the RIFT patcher
  4. Install the RIFT patcher, update the game, and play!

If you find your friends scratching their heads, wondering why they would ever want to play RIFT, resist the temptation to bonk them on the head. Convince them instead that it’s the most polished MMO to launch in recent years, and run down the reasons you’ve resubbed for months to come.


Or if all else fails, bribe them with RIFT Platinum – everyone’s a sucker for free mounts, trial event or no!