“Need” roll to convert BoE items to soulbound in WoW Patch 4.2

Some players become a little devious when it comes to the prospect of earning a bit of extra coin. This includes ninjas who roll “Need” for bind-on-equip (BOE) items even when they don’t actually need the gear in question; they just want to sell it for WoW Gold.

Well, come Patch 4.2 this greedy, money-making practice will stop. Blizzard community manager Lylirra said BoE items won through the “Need” roll will become soulbound, which will discourage players from hoarding items for profit.

“We don’t think players should be able to claim certain loot drops based on their class if their only intent is to sell the item. If you want to use the item yourself, awesome, go ahead and roll Need on it and you’ll get preference over players who can’t use that armor type. But if all you want to do is run to the Auction House, then everyone should have equal dibs,” explained Lylirra.

End-game BoE epics can fetch tens of thousands of WoW Gold when sold to the highest bidder, making them a lucrative target for “Need” ninjas.

Now, the most that they can sell the soulbound items for is at vendor price, which is too low to even bother when you’ll end up with an irate player flaming you on private chat throughout the rest of the dungeon run, or a possible Blizzard ticket for unsportsmanlike-like conduct.

The change should coincide nicely with the release of the Firelands raid in Patch 4.2, which should bring a whole slew of powerful BoE epics inspired by the realm of the Firelord Ragnaros.