“Behind Enemy Lines” recurring rifting event starts April 13 in Aion

Every other week will bring intense PvP mayhem in Aion beginning April 13 as NCSoft implements the recurring rifting event called “Behind Enemy Lines.”

“Behind Enemy Lines” began as a single event that removed defensive buffs in Heiron and Beluslan, two PvP hotspots interconnected by rifts, after surveys showed the majority of players agreed to the change.

The removal of defensive buffs has proven to be popular among the gank-or-be-ganked crowd, especially now that balance problems have mellowed after a slew of character transfer and population balance changes by the developers.

The bi-monthly schedule is seen as a compromise – one week PvP players will be able to battle their rival faction on equal footing deep in their own turf, while the next week PvE players can quest in relative peace as the defensive buffs in Heiron and Beluslan will be restored.

“During this trial period we will be running the event every other week; allowing for a repeating cycle of one week with the rifting event settings and one week without the rifting event settings,” explained NCSoft. “Our goal is to bring this event to our servers on a more regular basis, so that all of our players can have a chance to enjoy the different kinds of content that Aion has to offer.”

Should “Behind Enemy Lines” prove to be a hit without causing too much disruption and QQ among PvE players, there is a chance that this will become a permanent fixture in Atreia. Daevas would do well to spend their Aion Kinah on topnotch gear if they wish to become deadly gankers or solid allies to friends who might need protection.