Free RIFT mobile authenticator released for Android devices, iOS version planned

While danger may abound in the fantasy world of RIFT what with the freshly squeezed Patch 1.1 content unleashing thousands of Death rifts, the game’s security systems are now much better protected against potential hackers.

Trion Worlds announced that it has rolled out the game’s first mobile authenticator program for Android devices v.16 and up. Versions for iOS and other unspecified platforms and devices are being developed but no timeline has been set for their release.

The mobile authenticator comes at the heels of a Coin Lock feature that prevents unauthorized users from breaking into accounts via remote computers.

“Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security making it much harder for insidious individuals to gain unauthorized access to your account, even if your computer has been compromised. This is an entirely optional (but highly recommended!) security measure that offers users invaluable extra protection,” explained assistant community manager Elrar.

How to set up the authenticator

  1. Download the RIFT mobile authenticator
  2. Install and run the authenticator program. You will be given a unique serial key.
  3. Log in to your Trion Worlds account and click the “Authenticator” link under “Account Security” on the Account Summary Page.
  4. Enter the unique serial key you obtained earlier, complete the user form, and click “Apply Serial Key”

Once you’ve set up the authenticator, you will also get a cool bonus: An exclusive—and very fitting—in-game title “The Ironclad”.

How to use the authenticator

  1. Run the RIFT game client
  2. Run the mobile authenticator device to obtain a authorization security code
  3. Enter the authorization code together with your username and password

As always, please remember that the mobile authenticator can only protect you so much; please continue to avoid shady in-game and e-mail spammers. Should you need cheap and safe RIFT Platinum, trust only

Stay safe in Telara!