RIFT Patch 1.1: Launch Day Guide

RIFT Patch 1.1 is now live, and EpicToon has put together a handy launch day guide to help you get the most out of the new content and features coming your way.


Whether you’re a fresh level 1 Ascended or a veteran Tier 2-geared hero, there are plenty of new things to do in Patch 1.1.

World Event

Alsbeth the Discordant, the sadistic consort to Regulos, leads the Endless Court in an effort to overwhelm Telara with an endless swarm of undead. All zones and level ranges will experience Plane of Death rift invasions, which drop up to a hundred new loot drops.

The World Event unlocks the 20-man raid (see below) so be sure to keep track of your server’s progress through the new World Event UI. Completing quests and killing mobs during the World Event will also reward you with special currency that can be redeemed for limited-time event items.

Normal Rifts and Invasions

Rift events no longer display leaderboard type rankings, but players are still checked for participation and rewarded accordingly. In between the server-wide fight against Alsbeth’s minions, you can continue to hunt down normal rift events for Inscribed Sourcestone rewards which can now be exchanged in the capital cities for dozens of new gear-enhancing Essences.

Epic Questlines

End-gamers can tackle the final installment of the Saga of the Aelfwar epic questline, or continue to raid Greenscale the Primeval to unlock the Greenscale’s Heart and Death Corruption sample epic questlines.

Raid Rift Daily Quests

Patch 1.1 introduces raid rift daily quests, available from Abbess Katia in Sanctum or Raj Tahleed in Meridian. These quests award Inscribed Sourcestone currency which can be exchanged for gear, cosmetic and item rewards.

Recalibrated PvP and PvE soul specs

It’s time overhaul your spec and give it a test run in PvP warfronts and raids! Hundreds of changes have been implemented across all four callings, with Mages getting a particularly huge boost. Here are some of the most significant changes:

  • All non-healing Mage spells no have reduced pushback
  • All damaging Mage abilities have increased base damage
  • The Break Free ability of PvP souls now has a faster 2-minute cooldown

PvP Warfronts

AFK teammates can now be reported with impunity, which will make fight wins depend more on actual combat and less about who has the least bots.

Dungeons and Raids

Expert dungeons have new daily quests for both Tier 1 and Tier 2, with Plaques of Achievement rewards set at 10 and 20 respectively. Patch 1.1 also brings a sweeping change to armor drop appearances from dungeons, allowing for more visual variety so try and collect them all.

Bosses in the Greenscale’s Blight raids also added new items to their loot tables and will drop more of them per kill, while Greenscale himself will yield Relic quality weapons so gather up your guildmates and start hunting down the first herald of the Bloodstorm.


The most anticipated new content for Patch 1.1 is the River of Souls 20-man raid that will be unlocked once the preceding World Event phases are completed by the entire server. What we’re hearing is that the end-game raid designed for geared level 50s will be available a week from now, and will feature at least four confirmed bosses. These are:

  • Two lieutenants plucked from the Lifestream pictured in the screenshots here
  • Gaurath the undead dragon sent by Regulos to help Alsbeth, as seen in the video here
  • Alsbeth herself. Based on developer interviews, her suspected powers include being able to “surround herself with an invincible barrier, and draw undead from the ground as easily as a poet summons words.”

Beating the River of Souls raid is the only way to obtain the Spectral Horse mount, so spend your RIFT Platinum and upgrade all your gear slots.

Record Patch 1.1 and Upload to YouTube

If you’re the sentimental type (or just want to show your online friends how fun the new patch is), Trion Worlds now allows you to record videos and upload them to YouTube without the need for third party apps like FRAPS.

To access the built-in video recording feature:

  1. Log into RIFT with the character you’d like to use for your video
  2. Hit “ESC” to open the Main Menu, go to “Settings” > “Video” > “Record Video”
  3. Click the “Login” button and enter your YouTube credentials.

While other games allow add-ons to do the same thing, what’s impressive is ease of use Trion have managed to build into the video record feature. It takes less than a minute to set up and start recording your specs for sharing or making a quick how-to video for the newer members of your guild. Seriously, even our mothers could learn to vlog their adventures in Telara.

Our only wish is that the three-minute video recording limit could be extended, and we’re hoping that’s in the works as well.

We’ll continue to update this guide in the following days as we explore more of what Patch 1.1 has to offer. If you have time, check out the full Patch 1.1. notes and be sure to stay tuned to the EpicToon blog!